Tree Care Tree Service

Services Offered

  • Pruning for Health, Aesthetics, and Clearance
  • Removal
  • Cabling and Bracing to Improve Structural Integrity
  • Tree Risk Assessment
  • Insect/Disease ID and Treatment
  • Tree Fertilization
  • Soil/Root Improvement and Aeration
  • Land Clearing
  • Storm Damage
  • Tree Planting
  • Natural Disaster Response

We follow industry standard professional practices:

ANSI A300 Standards for Pruning

ANSI Z133 Standards for Safety

Leaving as little footprint as possible is as important to us as doing high quality work.  

We utilize cutting edge tree climbing technology for efficiency and safety!


Above is a Mature Bur Oak Pruned for Health, Aesthetics, & Clearance

Pruning is a great way to improve the structure and maintain the health of your tree.

A Trees Natural Shape is the Best Shape

Back in the day, topping was an acceptable practice, however, it does more harm than good.  Not only does it create significant decay below the cut, it also removes a large portion of the leaves (which is a trees mouth). This heavily stresses the tree to regrow what was lost so it can begin feeding again (photosynthesis).  For some tree species, death will result.

Proper Pruning Cuts

ANSI A300 Pruning Standards

We follow these professional standards to promote tree health.

tree care tree service


This Black Walnut was heavily over hanging a customers house causing roof damage.

Sometimes the best option is tree removal.  If this is the case, allow me to help you choose another tree that's a sufficient replacement.

Tree Risk Assessment

Insect / Disease ID & Treatment

With all shade trees, you are assuming risk.  My job is to weigh out the risk and reward based on a detailed inspection.  I will give you my professional opinion on what's best for your tree and goals.

Tree-Root-Soil Improvement

In many cases, problems with our trees lie below ground

Sometimes the root of the problem is a nutrient deficiency.  Other times the soil's oxygen pores have collapsed (compaction) and need reestablished.    

Air Excavation & Trenching

Oak Wilt Trench

Compressed air is a good tool to excavate soil and not damage tree roots or underground utility services. It works great for girdling root exposure, soil improvement, transplanting, & trenching.

Root Flare Excavation

One way to improve a trees health is to expose the root flare and prune its roots.  Compost and nutrients can be mixed into the soil and placed back around the roots.

Oak Wilt Trench

One way oak wilt spreads is through root grafts.  Healthy oaks near infected trees must have the root grafts cut in order to keep from spreading.

Storm Damage

Sometimes weather strikes and damage occurs to our trees.  We specialize in safely addressing this damage in a cost effective way.  


Right Tree Right Location

As important as it is to plant trees, its more important to plant them in the correct location.  This requires knowledge and a plan.  Tree species require certain soil types, soil moisture, ph, shade tolerance/intolerance, and growing room to be healthy.