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Forest Managment Plan

How To Improve

Its important for forest landowners to decide what their land management goals are.  Some include: Timber harvesting, wildlife, recreation, aesthetics, water quality, and soil conservation .  Many forest owners have learned the hard way that unplanned or indiscriminate timber harvesting can have long-lasting consequences, which can significantly affect future forest growth, genetic variability, species composition, and wildlife habitat potential. A diameter limit cut method often yield only one timber sale for the forest owner during their ownership tenure. However, a well-planned and professionally implemented timber sale not only yields greater financial returns for the forest owner, but owners typically achieve multiple timber harvests over their lifetime while creating a residual stand of diverse, high-quality, timber trees for future harvest.  

Timber Stand Improvement (TSI)

In between timber sales, it's important to improve your forest (kind of like weeding your garden) to ensure constant improvement and a well rounded native forest.   

Forest Management Plan

It's important to get your forest goals on paper in order to stay on track.